How to Optimize Your Images for the Web

Apart from cropping and resizing your images, most likely the most crucial factors are for couple of colors as you possibly can (generally) and also to lower the resolution from the images towards the proper dots per inch (dpi) for onscreen display.

Color Depth

Using less color is usually right for GIF and PNG format images. JPEG images, if they are photo taking, more often than not require countless colors. (You are able to translate JPEG to 256 colors, but photos look pretty bad at this setting.) Colors mean the palette of colors open to the look. If you are using less color within the palette, the chances are the look is more compact in quality because much the same colors are built the same. How big the palette is known as the color depth.

In Fresh paint Shop Professional, you are able to alter the color depth of the image by opening the look and selecting colors, decrease color depth in the menu. You are then given some options within the Decrease Color Depth dialog box.

Within this dialog box, you want to find the Standard/Web-safe palette within the first column of options, since the Web may be the place to go for this picture. The Net-safe palette is identified by Browsers because the most appropriate throughout various systems.

Next, you select a discount method, which you’ll test out if preferred. The Closest Color method is easily the most self explanatory when it is throwing out a specific color that isn’t based on the more compact palette; it selects the color that’s nearest. Another two will vary techniques which soften colors and dither, or vary a pattern of dots, to obtain slightly different resulting colors.

Remember, if you are coping with color photographs, decreasing the color scheme frequently does not work, partially because Digital works just with countless colors or 256 colors, and partially because photos just look bad whenever you remove color details. If you are creating images on your own in GIF or PNG, nevertheless, decreasing the color scheme ought to be useful. Actually, typically you can begin having a lower color scheme (say, 256 colors or even the Web-safe 216-color scheme) when you initially produce a new image document.


Even though you don’t frequently alter the color depth of camera images or scanned, you might frequently wish to change their resolution. Many images which are taken via scanner or camera use more resolution information than is essential to allow them to be shown onscreen. Generally, images for the Web only have to be 72 dots per inch (dpi, sometimes also pixels per inch, or ppi), rather than the 200 dpi or greater that’s frequently employed for scanned images destined for any printer.

To alter the resolution in Fresh paint Shop Professional, choose Image, Re-size. Switch on the particular Or Printing Size radio button, after which change Resolution to 72 ppi. Click OK. You now likely have to re-size the look, because altering the resolution in Fresh paint Shop Professional causes it to be bigger. Choose Image, Re-size again, after which switch on the Pixel Size radio button. Go into the pixel size you would like for either the width or even the height. When the Maintain Aspect Ratio choice is checked (as it ought to be), another measurement changes instantly. Click OK, as well as your image has become the right size and also the correct resolution for that screen.

Image Compression and Progressive Encoding

Whenever you save your valuable Web images, you’ll still aren’t finished making choices, especially if you are coping with JPEG images and (to some lesser extent) PNG format files. Like you have some additional options to create within the Save dialog box of the image-editing program.


When saving JPEG images, typically you are able to select a quality setting. The low the standard, the greater compressed the look file is, and also the more compact its file is. It is a direct trade-off, only one you may consider in the event that, despite cropping, sizing, and altering the resolution of the image, you are still tied to a picture file that’s too large.

In Fresh paint Shop Professional, you are able to alter the compression setting when saving a JPEG image. First, choose File, Save As. When the image is not already in JPEG format, choose JPEG-JFIF Compliant in the Save as Type menu. Now click on the Options button. Within the Options dialog box, note the Compression Factor slider. The greater you drag that slider right, the greater the compression and also the lower the standard. Choose, click OK, after which save the file.

Saving Progressive Images

In the variety of saving JPEG, GIF, or PNG images within an image editing program, generally you will find an environment that allows you to definitely result in the image progressive, or intertwined. This means simple the look can be displayed inside a browser window because it downloads, rather than showing up only following the entire image continues to be received through the client computer. This will make your internet page come in the browser a little more rapidly, while giving the consumer a feeling of exactly what the image may be like before it’s completely made an appearance.

Image Transparency

Although image transparency does not really make a picture download any faster or appear anymore rapidly inside a Internet browser window, will still be a fascinating effect to experience with. Transparency is supported within the GIF and PNG formats, helping you to choose one color inside the image making it transparent to ensure that any background images or colors surface it.

This really is most helpful for designing images that display to “float” around the page. Or, using the right shading and photo taking characteristics, an area of the image might really seem to be sitting on the internet browser’s background.

The transparent color you select need not function as the background color you may make other areas from the image transparent, for those who have grounds to. Just one color could be transparent, however, so you may have to plan in advance when designing the image. In case your background is 2-tone, you have to change that before you result in the whole factor transparent.

In Fresh paint Shop Professional, you may make one transparent by choosing Colors, Set Palette Transparency. You may then find out the image must be converted before transparency could be added. Many of the true when the image began like a high- color photograph. Once you have the look within the correct format, the thing is the Set Palette Transparency dialog box. You are able to choose no transparency, place it to the GIF background color (that you simply frequently do), or place it to particular color. If you want to select a particular color, it’s not necessary to enter its number manually (unless of course one happens to understand the amount). Rather, you can just slowly move the mouse pointer towards the image and click on the color you need to turn transparent its number seems within the dialog box. When that’s done, click on the OK button.

In Fresh paint Shop Professional itself, the portion that’s now transparent turns a pink color. That color is going to be transparent following the image is saved like a GIF or PNG and displayed inside an Internet browser.

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